Vans skates into mobile to form brand affinity

Lifestyle and skateboarding apparel brand Vans is entering the mobile space with text and mobile downloads.

The apparel company has launched mobile offerings through partnerships with FunMobility, a mobile ringtone and wallpaper vendor, and Access 360, an SMS marketing platform. Fans of the skate brand can now go to Vans’ Web site, click on the mobile Web landing page and sign up to receive texts or wallpapers to their mobile phone.

“They were interested in extending their brand to mobile so consumers could affiliate with their brand while they are on the go,” said Kurt Davis, VP of business development at FunMobility.

Users who sign up will get text mes­sages with news alerts about skateboard­ers and snowboarders every three to four days. In addition, the consumers can opt to receive free FunMobility wall­papers, which are Vans-branded images of skaters doing tricks. By signing up, the messages and wallpapers are sent directly to the recipient’s mobile phone.

Users can go to to create their own graphics and animations to personalize their phones and to share content with their friends. often gets a teen audience, similar to fans, so it was a good fit. “The campaign is targeted at teens and people who like to express themselves,” said Davis.

The effort is aimed at building brand affinity and not directly to shoe sales.

“They want to extend their brand as many ways as possible,” said Davis. “By doing this, their brand is always on the phone, either through text alerts or as the background screen shot, so that when they are ready to go and buy clothes and shoes, they’ll go to Vans.”

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