ValueClick tech integrates management of search, online

ValueClick Inc.’s technology division, Mediaplex, has initiated the second phase of its search bid management technology beta, MOJO SEM, which is fully integrated with Mediaplex’s MOJO Adserver third-party ad serving platform.

The technology expands on Mediaplex’s offering for tracking paid search and gives agencies and advertisers the campaign management tools and analytics to leverage their search marketing dollars. The production release of MOJO SEM is expected later this year.

“Paid search has become not only a critical but also a very complex part of the marketing mix, and yet the currently available tools are largely based on the much simpler needs of a couple of years ago,” said Sean Quick, senior director of product management at the Mediaplex division of ValueClick, Westlake Village, CA.

Also, though marketers now work across many online channels, “existing tools are one dimensional, only dealing with paid search,” he said. “MOJO SEM is [an] integrated platform that provides campaign management, tracking and reporting capabilities to cover paid search as well as display media, e-mail and natural search.”

MOJO SEM lets beta clients strategically manage and integrate their paid search and display ad efforts through tools for tracking, reporting, search bid management and optimization all within the core MOJO platform.

Until the past year or so, marketers operated in just one or two online channels, and most did so at small spending levels. Now that marketers spend across many online channels, and at higher amounts, having a consolidated tracking solution has become crucial, Mr. Quick said. Such a tool gives marketers more control over the complicated paid search environment, along with a clear picture into the performance of all their online programs and how they relate.

Developed for optimal usability, the tool lets clients quickly configure and update campaigns and manage and refine keyword buys in just a few steps.

Prior to the beta, the first live user of MOJO SEM was ValueClick’s search engine marketing services team, operating as CJ Search in the Commission Junction division. MOJO SEM is also integrated into the Commission Junction performance marketing technology and has let CJ Search expand the number of paid search programs it manages for clients to more than 20 in just a few months.

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