*USPS to Revise Global Direct-Mexico Service

The U.S. Postal Service said yesterday that it is revising its Global Direct-Mexico service to better reflect the domestic postal products offered by the Mexico Postal Administration and to provide U.S. customers with a wider range of direct entry products into Mexico.

The agency listed this announcement in the Federal Register yesterday and is giving the public a chance to comment on the changes until Oct. 18. The new service is effective, however, on Oct. 1.

Global Direct-Mexico will offer three main services: Global Direct-Mexico Letter Mail for personalized communications, correspondence and transactions such as statements of account, invoices and financial statements; Global Direct-Mexico Publications for magazines and other periodicals registered with the government of Mexico and enclosed in sealed envelopes or wrappers; and Global Direct-Mexico Direct Mail, for advertising mail, catalogs, directories, nonregistered publications, printed matter and merchandise samples. There are two categories of Mexico Direct Mail, A and B, which are based on weight and size.

There are presort requirements for these services. In addition, each service will have different rates, which will be determined by mail category, item weight and item size. Rates are also based on whether the items are post coded. Postage must be paid through an advance deposit account. Items must bear an authorized Global Direct-Mexico postal indicia. USPS domestic indicia cannot be used.

Rates for Global Direct-Mexico Direct Mail range from a 20-gram mail piece costing $0.226, to a 1,000-gram mailer costing $2.382.

Sorting requirements for all three mail categories are identical. Items must be sequenced in ascending postal code order and prepared according to the separations listed in the Global Direct-Mexico sorting plan and in the service guide. Letter-size items must be presented in USPS letter trays. Flat-size items must be presented in bundles. Both letter trays and bundles must be placed on pallets. For specific sorting and labeling requirements for Global Direct-Mexico, instructions will be provided as part of the service agreement.

Customers also will be able to use the Global Direct Mailbox Service, which provides for the return of Mexican business reply mail to a specific address in Mexico and allows the USPS to forward items to the mailer in the United States. Detailed specifications for this service will be provided as part of the application process, and the rate is 40 cents per item returned.

Mailings may be deposited only at the following offices: John F. Kennedy Airport Mail Center, Jamaica, NY; Miami International Service Center; Miami Processing and Distribution Center; Dallas International Service Center, Fort Worth, TX; Chicago O'Hare International Annex; San Francisco ISC, Daly City, CA; and Worldway Airport Mail Center, Carson, CA.

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