USPS to Reveal Mailing Team's Findings at Postal Forum

Findings from the Mailing Industry Task Force's recent two-day brainstorming session will be discussed at next month's National Postal Forum, the U.S. Postal Service said yesterday.

The material was compiled by the four-year-old task force, a public/private partnership between the USPS and mailing industry corporations, at its Innovation Summit in June. There, the group identified more than 300 ideas to stimulate mail revenue growth and increase the effectiveness of mail, then narrowed the list to 90.

Once the ideas have been further analyzed, they will be assigned to one of the Task Force's working groups: Intelligent Mail and Address Quality, Pricing and Payments, and Products/Services/Gateway. Already, these groups have been working on a number of revenue-related initiatives that also will be shared at the forum, which will take place Sept. 19-22 in Washington.

The Task Force had previously identified eight areas of focus including improving address quality; promoting “intelligent” mail; optimizing the postal network; standardizing mail preparation; developing “consumer gateway” services; creating enhanced payment systems and a competitive pricing strategy; and forming a CEO-level industry council.

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