USPS to Close Annexes, Potter Tells MTAC Crowd

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service expects to close the more than 200 annexes it uses nationwide by the end of the year, postmaster general John E. Potter told attendees to the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee meeting here yesterday.

During his speech, Potter was asked what he sees as a priority under the USPS' Network Integration and Alignment program that will redesign its operations and transportation networks.

“I met with our area vice presidents this week and told them that my No. 1 priority is to eliminate annexes,” he said. “We don't have any political issues around closing an annex, but what we do have is operational issues.”

Postal service annexes are satellite locations built over the years that hold extra equipment. Some of the old equipment can be retired, he said, and some of the new equipment can be moved to other processing plants.

“[Area mangers] have to be aggressive when it comes to closing annexes because they just add costs,” he said.

Potter didn't know how much money this will save the agency, but “he is excited about the concept of concentrating on what we have and eliminating what we don't need.”

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