USPS teams up with SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Postal Service
unveiled a new Internet tool for small business owners.

Delivering Success, an online video-on-demand resource featuring
successful entrepreneurs, is a nationwide partnership with the postal
service to provide small business owners with invaluable information
through video interviews that are accessible and convenient for
entrepreneurs. The partnership is one of many programs the USPS has
worked on with the SBA over the years.

“We are working harder than ever to offer solutions to the challenges
faced by today’s small businesses,” said Rod Devar, manager of
advertising and promotion at the USPS. “This partnership with the
SBA, and the ability to reach small business owners at a time that is
convenient for them is one more way the postal service is reaching
out to meet the needs of its customers.”

The Delivering Success videos at
chronicle the experiences of successful entrepreneurs around the
country, offering guidance and sharing insight. The video interviews
provide key information on the ingredients of small business success,
including an overview of business basics, resources to help with
business plan development, small business friendly financing,
business promotion, and planning and research. The videos were
produced by the SBA, the USPS and TeleTime Video
Productions Inc., Lynbrook, NY.

Why video? Mr. DeVar said you can’t go to a Web site anymore without
encountering streaming video.

“You almost have to have it to help supplement the other information
that is on [a] site,” he said. “I can safely say you will see more of
it from us over time and more of it everywhere over time.”

The launch of Delivering Success took place in Washington on March 7,
with Warren Brown, owner of CakeLove bakery and Love Cafe, and host
of the Food Networks Sugar Rush. Mr. Brown is one of the highlighted
small business owners featured in the video interviews.

The partnership with SBA is an extension of the video work the USPS
had been using as part of its outreach to small business owners. For
example, USPS has produced more than 30 videos about how small
businesses use the postal service and direct mail. They are posted at The site also offers a link to register online
for quarterly magazine Small Business Impact and e-mail newsletter
Small Business Virtual Impact.

Other highlights of the Delivering Success video interviews include a
business reality check, techniques to take a business to the next
level and the top 10 tips to get a business started and keep it growing.

USPS said small businesses drive the U.S. economy. They create 70
percent of the new jobs and represent more than half of the non-farm
private GDP. Small “patenting firms” produce 13 to 14 times more
patents per employee than their larger competitors.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the nation’s economy, and the
SBA wants to do everything we can to encourage entrepreneurship and
provide business solutions and resources that are readily available,”
said SBA administrator Steven C. Preston. “That is why we have
partnered with the U.S. Postal Service highlighting successful
business owners to share their wealth of knowledge and business

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