USPS streamlines management

Company: US Postal Service
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Streamlined team takes on tough financial times

Shortly after taking office as Postmaster General in late 2010, Patrick Donahoe reduced the number of his top-level lieutenants to seven. His predecessor, Jack Potter, had nine senior officers on his executive committee.

Paul Vogel was retained as president and chief marketing and sales officer; Joseph Corbett as CFO; Tony Vegliante as chief human resources officer; and Mary Anne Gibbons as general counsel. Megan Brennan was added as COO and Ellis Burgoyne as CIO. Capitol Hill veteran Ron Stroman was named Deputy Postmaster General, the second-highest-ranking postal position.

Stroman oversees consumer and industry affairs, corporate communications, government relations and public policy, while Vogel manages channel access, pricing, sales and domestic products. Stroman also helms USPS’ relations with legislators, a role that has grown with numerous reform bills introduced in this Congress. Brennan oversees delivery, facilities and operations, and regional managers. Vegliante manages employee and labor relations, while Burgoyne looks after engineering, IT and technology departments.

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