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USPS Starts Small-Business Campaign

The U.S. Postal Service begins the first phase of an in-store advertising campaign targeting small businesses June 15.

The effort, “Real People. Real Success,” spotlights business owners from various fields including an interior designer, a diamond wholesaler and the president of an executive search firm.

In the ads, which will be displayed in post offices nationwide, business owners are featured with a postal service product or service that has best served their company's success. The ads run through Aug. 9.

“The stories conveyed by the small-business owners in the ads give other business owners concrete examples of how postal services can help them make their businesses thrive,” said Anita Bizzotto, USPS senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

A second phase, running Aug. 10 to Oct. 18, will feature a contest in which small-business owners share their stories of how a USPS product or service helped their business. Contest winners will be featured in “Real People. Real Success” in-store ad campaigns in 2003.

“The 'Real People. Real Success' campaign is an example of the postal service's renewed retail focus, to provide services when and where people need them, as outlined in the recently unveiled postal service transformation plan,” Bizzotto said. “The postal service has a full range of products and services that meet small-business owners' needs in targeting and attracting new customers, and we are looking at ways to increase their access to these services.”

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