USPS Starts Global Package Discount Program

The U.S. Postal Service yesterday announced a postage discount and customized mailing program for international packages.

The program consists of three parts.

• Postal customers paying for Global Express Mail using an Express Mail Corporate Account will qualify for a discount. Customers will receive a 5 percent discount when they open an EMCA or use it to send Global Express Mail items. The discount is applied to the customer's total monthly international Global Express Mail items.

• Larger discounts are available to customers who use an EMCA to mail at least 600 items or spend at least $12,000 in Global Express Mail postage annually. Customers will be able to receive larger discounts by entering into an International Customized Mail agreement with the USPS. The size of the discount varies by the customer's volume or revenue and is adjusted each quarter based upon the actual volume mailed by the customer during the preceding quarter.

• Customers with special needs or very high volumes will be able to customize the service they receive from the postal service for all international packages, including Global Express Guaranteed, Global Express Mail, Global Priority Mail and Global Air Parcel Post.

They will be able to customize services such as labeling, customs pre-advise, customs harmonization, providing a landed price for overseas customers and address correction service. Rates and service features for such very high volume customers will be negotiated to meet their unique needs.

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