USPS Seeks New Measurements for Market Dominant Products

The Postal Regulatory Commission will host an off-the-record technical conference in Washington on March 5 to hear comments on proposed changes to performance measurement standards for certain postal classes, including Standard Mail.

Postal Service senior managers have begun discussions with the PRC about developing new internal service performance measurement systems for market dominant products. Two significant changes have been floated for discussion.

Under the proposal, mail carrier scans at delivery would replace external reporters for hybrid measurement of last-mile factors for First Class and Standard Mail, packages, and periodicals. Also, single-piece First Class mail would be measured entirely via internal methods. Service performance for the products under consideration are currently measured using external methods or a hybrid system combining internal and external procedures.

Postal stakeholders who wish to be heard on the subject are invited to attend the March 5 conference, which will be held in the hearing room at PRC headquarters from 10 a.m. to noon.

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