USPS Seeks Comment For Move Update Changes

The U.S. Postal Service is seeking additional comment about proposed changes to Move Update and Address Matching requirements that would make mailers update lists more frequently to receive discount rates.

In a Federal Register notice issued yesterday, the USPS said mailers had until Sept. 29 to submit comments about the proposed changes, which were announced at the April 15 Spring National Postal Forum. The postal service held an initial public comment period on the changes in June.

The postal service is trying to reduce the amount of undeliverable-as-addressed or UAA mail, which it has identified as a key to reducing costs. In the June comment period, the USPS received 36 comments from mailers including a mix of positive and negative reactions to the proposed rule changes.

The proposed changes call for mailers to increase the frequency of Move Update and Address Match processing from once every 180 days to once every 90 days in order to receive discount rates. In addition, Move Update requirements, which presently apply only to presort and automation-rate first-class mail, would expand to include periodicals, standard mail and package services.

The proposals would increase the frequency of directory updates for address matching software from bimonthly to monthly. Another proposed change would do away with the option of using ancillary service endorsements, or instructions to the USPS for dealing with undeliverable mail, with individual hardcopy notifications to satisfy the Move Update requirement.

Comments may be sent by fax to 901-681-4440 or by e-mail to [email protected] The regular mail address for comments is: Office of Product Management — Addressing, National Customer Support Center, United States Postal Service, 6060 Primacy Pkwy, Ste 201, Memphis, TN 38188-0001.

The proposed changes will go into effect no earlier than 18 months after the publication of the final rulemaking in the Federal Register.

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