USPS Says It's Ready for Busiest Mailing Day

Monday will be the U.S. Postal Service's busiest mailing day, the agency said yesterday.

And on Wednesday — its busiest delivery day — postal carriers are expected to deliver more than 200 million extra cards, letters and Priority Mail packages.

Overall, USPS carriers are handling 20 billion items between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So far, postal officials haven't reported any delivery problems.

“We have had our system geared up for the extra volume since Dec. 10,” said Paul Vogel, vice president of network operations management .

Earlier this week, unionized truck drivers who work for a company that contracts with the postal service to transport mail began a strike. Postal officials said they have taken other measures to move the mail across the country.

Meanwhile, United Parcel Service said its peak day will be Tuesday, when it expects to deliver more than 18 million air and ground packages globally.

FedEx expects to handle 6 million packages Wednesday, which it anticipates will be its busiest day of the year.

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