USPS reducing Standard Mail barcode discount

In response to the Postal Regulatory Commission’s review of the US Postal Service’s proposed rate change for market-dominant products, the USPS said it will reduce the 1.4-cent discount for using a barcode on mixed automation area distribution center (AADC) Standard Mail letters by 1.1 cents.

The reduced discount will apply to commercial and nonprofit mail that is entered into the mailstream at the mailer’s point of origin or at a destination bulk mail center.

Earlier this month, the PRC determined that the USPS’s proposed rate increases for market-dominant products, which include First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, periodicals, pack­age services and special services, fell within the required Consumer Price Index cap.

The commission also ruled that there was “adequate justification” for 13 out of 14 workshare discounts. The exception was the aforementioned 1.4-cent discount. 

Once the commission reviews the USPS’s response, the agency will update its price lists and postage statements.

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