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USPS Postpones April 26 Date for New Rates

Following the Postal Regulatory Commission’s second rejection of proposed Standard Mail rate changes, the U.S. Postal Service has postponed its original April 26 implementation date. An “Industry Alert” sent to customers by the Postal Board of Governors late last week said that no date would be set until after PRC approval is received for market-dominant rates.

“This decision was primarily motivated by a desire to eliminate potential adverse impacts on postal customers that might result from a staggered implementation of our new prices,” read the notice. “After considering the complexity of the required programming changes…[and] the specific complications that our customers might face…the Postal Service has decided to delay implementation until all of our proposed rates and classification changes can be implemented at one time.”

On March 6, the PRC had bounced back to USPS rate changes on Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services, citing lack of compliance with regulations. The Postal Service’s amended proposal was rejected on the 18th due to inconsistencies in accounting and the lack of an explanation for failing to apply Q4 data to its calculations.

“We have no desire to saddle our valued customers with the additional costs and burdens of a staggered implementation while we work with the PRC to obtain final approval of our remaining prices,” the notice said. ”We will set a new implementation date when we propose new prices for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services in response to the PRC’s March 18th remand order.”

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