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USPS Plans to Boost Priority Mail Sent on FedEx Planes

The U.S. Postal Service is near an agreement with FedEx Corp. that would increase the amount of Priority Mail transported on FedEx planes, according to a statement by the USPS.

No further details were released Monday.

The postal service and FedEx began a seven-year agreement in August in which FedEx Express provides air transportation for most USPS Express Mail, Priority Mail and First-Class Mail that cannot travel solely by surface postal services.

When the agreement began, FedEx Express was providing about 3.5 million pounds of airlift capacity daily. The USPS also had access to 770 FedEx aircraft, which carry mostly unitized shipments presorted by the postal service into sacks, trays, tubs or containers. Many shipments are sent via FedEx aircraft that are usually idle during the day.

During the seven years of the deal, the USPS expects to save about $1.3 billion in air transportation costs and more than double the market reach of its Express Mail next-day and Priority two-day services.

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