**USPS Launches Direct Mail Web Site

ANAHEIM, CA — The U.S. Postal Service formally introduced its direct mail

Web site, www.uspsdirectmail.com, at the Fall 2000 National Postal Forum here yesterday.

The Web site, which is currently operational but will eventually be integrated into the USPS’ main Web site www.usps.com, is designed to help small and medium sized businesses create effective direct mailings.

A key function of the site allows businesses with electronic access to direct mail vendor support. For example, by the end of this year, mailers will be provided with connection to full-service, database, and direct mail vendors who can assist with all or part of a mailing.

Mailers who log on can also request a tutorial that walks them through the basic considerations and elements of a successful direct mail campaign, receive step-by-step instruction in the form of an online consultant, or a wizard-like process by which they can develop their own campaigns. Mailers can also use the site as a reference tool.

“Our goal with uspsdirectmail.com is to provide direct mailers with a vehicle that will help them produce successful direct mailings,” said John Ward, vice president, core business marketing, USPS.

The USPS also announced the launch of Netspeed News, an electronic-mail distribution system for small publishers. It allows the publisher to design, edit and layout the newspaper, then send the material electronically to printers, where the material is printed, bound and mailed.

It is designed for publishers who send their newspaper to subscribers who may be retired or “snowbirds.” These customers have either relocated after retirement, relocated for a portion of the year, or in some instances, both, and may want to stay in touch with their hometowns via local newspapers.

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