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USPS issues new proposed mailing standards

The US Postal Service today published its proposal in the Federal Register for new standards to improve the efficiency of letter-size booklets and folded self-mailers.

The agency is proposing revisions to tab size, tab location, paper weight and dimensions for folded self-mailers and booklets mailed at automation or machinable letter prices.

In its posting, the USPS noted that many folded self-mailers and booklets are not processed successfully on letter-sorting machines, while unenveloped pieces tend to jam, leading to damage of the equipment and the mail.

As a result, the loss of machine time makes it necessary to process some types of folded self-mailers and booklets on flat sorting equipment or manually, which is a slower, more labor intensive and more costly operation, according to the USPS.

Mindful of the current economy, the USPS said it had identified incremental opportunities for improvement while preserving as many mailpiece design options as possible.

The proposed rule is based on the results of tests and customer comments. The deadline for comments on the proposed changes is January 28.

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