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USPS Is Ready for E-Commerce

I read with interest Cary H. Baer's article (“E-Commerce: What Is USPS' Delivery Role?” July 26). As a 25-year veteran mailman with the U.S. Postal Service, I would like to offer my opinions and some insight.

The postal service is quite equipped to handle any and all increases in parcel volume. We now have a delivery confirmation service that, although in its primitive stages, allows the mailer to confirm a delivery time and date for their merchandise. If parcel volume increases to the point that individual carriers are needed just to deliver parcels, this will take place. The USPS has always done this during peak parcel delivery periods like Christmas, Mothers Day, etc.

We have another service available at the request of mailers called carrier release. This allows us to leave a parcel at your address if you are not home to receive it. It will be left in a safe location or one specified by the resident. This saves a trip to the post office and all the aggravation and frustration that goes with it.

Also, the USPS has become a viable option for mailers that aren't on a strict timetable. We have picked up much business in recent months — from Fingerhut, Amazon.com and other Internet mailers; and I assume many more will explore the option of using the postal service to meet their needs. The reasons: An affordable price and the USPS is still the only delivery service that delivers to every address in America.

I'm sure that we will pick up more contracts like the deal with Airborne that will allow major delivery services to claim, “We deliver anywhere,” and yet the mailman will be the person at the final destination.

In conclusion, the postal service is ready for e-commerce, so bring it on — we can

handle it.

Mark S. Schneider

Tucson, AZ

[email protected]

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