USPS Introduces PosteECS

The US Postal Service yesterday launched Post Electronic Courier Service — or PosteCS — a global electronic document delivery service that enables users to securely send documents via the Internet.

According to the USPS, PosteCS allows the sender to track: when a document arrives at its Web address; when the recipient has been notified of delivery; and when the recipient has actually opened the package.

When a document is sent using PosteCS, it is available at a unique Web address created specifically for the secure delivery of the package. The recipient, who is notified in an email message, can retrieve the document by clicking on the URL link, which is given in the message and downloaded file.

PosteCS is a cooperative venture of the US Postal Service, La Poste of France, Canada Post Corporation, and the International Post Corporation, and has been extensively pilot tested over the last several years. Canada Post Corporation commercially launched the service last month and La Poste will be launching soon.

“PosteCS brings the trust, security and peace of mind that the Postal Service brand is known for to the area of global electronic communications,” said Deputy Postmaster General John Nolan.

In addition, Nolan said customers may also add additional features including: encryption, password protection and the USPS Electronic Postmark that was introduced last month and can add an additional level of security by providing date and time stamping, and tamper detection for electronic messages.

Customers can log onto, follow the link to PosteCS, and register for a free 30 day trial service. The site also features a list of frequently asked questions. The basic $1.70 fee for PosteCS includes standard features such as delivery tracking, the ability to import mail lists and the ability to set document expiration dates.

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