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*USPS Debuts Global Direct-Canada Publications Mail Service

The U.S. Postal Service will partner with Canada Post Corp. on an international mail service intended primarily for publishers seeking easier access to the Canadian domestic postal system.

The USPS made the announcement in the Federal Register on Friday that it is adopting an interim rule on Global Direct–Canada Publications Mail.

The service is available on the basis of a service agreement between the USPS and a qualifying mailer. To qualify, a mailer must agree to mail a minimum of 10,000 pieces or 250 pounds of mail per mailing for delivery to Canadian addresses. All mail must conform to the applicable eligibility, makeup and preparation requirements for Canadian domestic Publications Mail as specified by Canada Post. In addition, specialized software for sorting and address accuracy recognized by Canada Post is required.

The service is available from six USPS facilities: John F. Kennedy Airport Mail Center, Jamaica, NY; New Jersey International Bulk Mail Center, Jersey City; Buffalo Auxiliary Service Facility; Detroit Bulk Mail Center, Allen Park, MI; Chicago O'Hare International Annex; Seattle Bulk Mail Center, Federal Way, WA.

The rate of postage is determined by the weight and level of sorting.

The service is also available for USPS ancillary services: Business Reply Service, which provides for the return of Canadian business reply mail through the USPS to a specified address in Canada; and Return of Undeliverable Mail, where only the address block of the publication will be returned.

The rates for BRS are 45 cents for items weighing 1.06 ounces or less, or 65 cents for items weighing more than 1.06 ounces but not more than 1.76 ounces. The rate for the Undeliverable Mail service is 50 cents per address block returned.

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