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USPS: All Mail Being Accepted in Manhattan

Most mail and air express service has returned to normal in the United States despite last week's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

For most carriers — including FedEx, United Parcel Service and the U.S. Postal Service — it's business as usual except for several New York City ZIP codes where access has been restricted by the city. Carriers that offer money-back guarantees for packages have reinstated their policies, except for packages destined for the areas of Manhattan that have been closed.

Mark Saunders, a USPS spokesman, said yesterday that since the U.S. government gave commercial airlines permission to start carrying freight on passenger flights over the weekend, “First-Class letter mail is flying by commercial aviation right now, and FedEx is carrying parcels and international parcels.” The USPS typically moves 650 million pieces of mail a day, with 20 percent to 25 percent going through the air.

The USPS also rescinded a warning it issued earlier yesterday that asked mailers not to send advertising mail to about 50 post offices in Manhattan because of the large backlog.

Despite the restricted areas, “all mail is being accepted into New York City's Manhattan area,” Saunders said.

The following post offices are still closed today: 10004/10006, Bowling Green, 25 Broadway; 10007, Church Street, 90 Church St.; 10005, Wall Street, 73 Pine St.

Residential and business customers can pick up mail for Bowling Green, Church Street and Wall Street stations at the James A. Farley building's side lobby at 380 W. 33 St., between Eighth and Ninth avenues.

The USPS said that mail mostly is moving well but there will be backlogs.

“As you can imagine, mail service is not back to normal, since not all flights are running and some post offices are closed,” said Gerry Krienkamp, a USPS spokesman. “Also, no Standard Mail is going on planes as of yet. So that could add to delays.”

To handle the backlog, the USPS had secured extra space on Amtrak trains and was using its own fleet of 210,000 vehicles as well as contracting for extra space with 7,000 private trucking companies.

In related news, UPS said yesterday it will provide $5 million in disaster-relief assistance in the wake of the incidents in New York City, Washington and Pennsylvania. This includes $2 million in cash and $3 million of in-kind logistical and transportation services plus scores of UPS volunteers who are assisting the relief efforts.

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