Using live events to reach b-to-b audiences, podcasts and publishing e-zines


What can I do to share my story or product with the right audience?

Jeanne Tee, managing partner at S3 Strategic Speaker Services responds that “a successful speakers program is the key to establishing your ideas and messages with the people and the markets you need to influence.

“After all,” she explains, “great visibility is what sets you apart from the others in your industry. When you’ve got something valuable to say, it’s essential that the right people are listening.”

Tee continues, “Research and relationships are every­thing. Marketers need to know their industry, as well as the key players in the conference industry — from leading business conference organizers to niche market trade show representatives.”

Tee adds that pitching the right executive to speak at your live event requires out-of-the-box creative think­ing. “Be sure to avoid form letters or cookie-cutter strategies,” she says.


What’s the best way to promote my podcast?

“Recording, editing, and uploading a pod­cast is simply not enough to get it heard,” says Olga Markina, marketing assistant for Extralabs Software. “Attracting listeners will take many different promo­tional techniques. It will also take a bit of imagination and perseverance. In the long run, however, pro­moting your podcast will pay off, and your site ‘hit’ counter will increase considerably.”

Markina suggests submitting your content to specialized podcast directories and sending the URL of your podcast to major search engines as well. “Seek out forums on subjects similar to your podcast, and join in on the conversation. Contact the webmasters of sites on your subject matter and offer to exchange links.”

Atypical podcast differs from an RSS feed because it has enclosures that can be either audio or video files. After you create a podcast, the RSS feed and enclosure files should be uploaded to the Web server for podcast listeners to be able to access them.


Why do I need to publish an e-zine?

“Publishing an e-zine is arguably the best way to stay top of mind with your clients and prospects. This is critical because out of mind is out of business.” answers Meredith Liepelt, president of Rich Life Mar­keting. “E-zines help you build your relationship with your clients and prospects. People will learn to know, like and trust you through your e-zine and eventually buy from you. E-zines will also allow you to grow a mailing list for marketing.”

Liepelt adds, “People will assume that, because you publish an e-zine, you are an expert, and the public will come to see you as one. Lastly, an e-zine is inex­pensive. You can create a professional e-zine for as little as $15 a month.”

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