USAA and Amazon Remain Tops in Web Experience

Perhaps it makes sense that industries with the most iterations in online customer interaction are also the best at it. In Temkin’s 2015 Web Experience Ratings, the top 10 companies all were either banks or retailers. USAA was rated best and Amazon was number two. Those two companies have traded the top spot back and forth since the CX consulting group released its first annual ranking five years ago.

Both companies appeared twice in the top 10, USAA for banks and credit cards, and Amazon for retailing and computers. In all four categories USAA and Amazon posted experience ratings that exceeded the industry averages by double digits.

Other companies that turned in ratings at least 13 points higher than the average were Sheraton, Ace Rent A Car, Fidelity Investments, Courtyard by Marriott , eBay, JetBlue Airlines, and AOL.

The Bad Experience Ten—with the lowest customer experience scores—was highly represented by cable companies. Frontier led the pack, followed by Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Spirit Airlines, Comcast, Blue Shield of CA, Time Warner Cable, Haier, and CenturyLink.

Companies whose CX profiles improved the most from last year included Dunkin’ Donuts, MetroPCS, CVS, Aldi, and Wendy’s. Those moving in the opposite direction: Advantage Rent A Car, E-Trade, Symantec, Food Lion, Charles Schwab, and BMW.

Temkin surveyed some 10,000 U.S. consumers online in January, asking them to think back to their most recent experiences with companies in 20 industries and rate them from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 7 (very satisfied). Ratings were calculated by subtracting the percentage of consumers who gave 1, 2, and 3 ratings from the percentage of those awarding 6’s and 7’s.

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