USA Today Names Top 5 Super Bowl LII Ads

Since 1989, USA Today has gathered data on consumer sentiment around television commercials, and the rankings are in post-Super Bowl LII. Tom Brady might have lost big time, but Amazon, Eli Manning (Brady’s longtime foe), and Budweiser emerged as the champions of advertising’s biggest night. Rounding out the top, Amazon’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice” was the top-rated commercial in the 30th annual USA Today Ad Meter. The 90-second ad included celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, and featured Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

“While the Super Bowl is one of the most iconic sporting events, the commercials during the game are an equally important event for many fans,” said Andy Yost, chief marketing officer if USA Today Network. “Throughout [our] history, both fan and brand participation with Ad Meter has shown strong growth, and we’re looking forward to even more in the next thirty.”

The top five ads, as rated by this year’s Ad Meter, are:

1. Amazon, Alexa Loses Her Voice – 7.1836

2. NFL, Touchdown Celebrations to Come – 7.1777

3. Budweiser, Stand By You – 6.8360

4. Doritos Blaze vs Mountain Dew Ice – 6.8167

5. Toyota, Good Odds – 6.7154

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