U.S. Chamber Cites Grassroots, DM Push for Pro-Business Wins

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce credited a grassroots and direct marketing effort with electing pro-business candidates in the election that featured George W. Bush returning for another four years as president.

The Washington business lobby placed 215 people on the ground in 31 states, supported by 3.7 million pieces of mail, 5.6 million telephone calls and more than 30 million e-mails. Early returns showed that 249 of the 269 chamber-endorsed candidates were elected. Six races were undecided as of yesterday.

Extra effort was thrown into nine close Senate races and 28 U.S. House contests. Early returns predicted wins in 19 of the House races and seven in the Senate, the chamber said.

Organizations affiliated with the chamber held fundraisers and organized get-out-the-vote efforts. More than 36,000 Get-Out-the-Vote kits were sent to companies, small businesses, associations and chambers of commerce nationwide for their own campaigns. The site at www.voteforbusiness.com also aided the campaign.

Overall spend on the chamber’s effort was not disclosed.

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