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US Airways tweets pornographic picture at a complaining customer

Here’s a real head-scratcher. During the course of a fairly normal Twitter exchange with a customer who was complaining about flight delays, US Airways somehow managed to tweet a link to an extremely pornographic picture that appears to be mocking the complaint. 

It all started when a disgruntled US Airways passenger tweeted at the airline complaining about delays. The airline responded with sympathy at first.

But then two days later, for reasons best known only to it, US Airways tweeted this response to the passenger:

For reasons of decorum, we can’t show that image here, but you can check out the uncensored image at BuzzFeed. Let’s just say it’s a very graphic image of a toy airplane getting stuck in a place where toy airplanes really shouldn’t be stuck. And let’s just assume it’s going to lead to a million jokes about where flight MH370 really went.

The tweet stayed up for at least 20 minutes before someone finally took it down. US Airways acknowledged the mistake but had no explanation as to how it happened. 

Disgruntled social media manager? Copied and pasted the wrong link? Who knows. But I would really hate to be US Airways’ PR team right now.

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