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UPS Survey Reveals Insights on Marketing to Chinese Consumers

What do blue jeans, DVDs, moisturizer and athletic shoes have in common? They are among the American products that Chinese consumers desire most, according to a UPS survey of 1,200 middle-class consumers in six Chinese cities.

The second annual UPS survey of Chinese urban consumers – often referred to as “Chuppies” – reaffirms their demand for high-quality U.S. products and unearths more detailed insight into their buying preferences and demographic differences.

UPS (www.ups.com), Atlanta, which flies to more points in China than any other U.S. airline, commissioned the survey to help its customers do business in the world’s fastest-growing market.

The most sought-after products in this year’s survey were American videos/DVDs, music or books and consumer electronics, which also were the top categories in the 2005 survey.

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