UPS Starts New Mail Service in Dallas/Ft. Worth

United Parcel Service, Atlanta, said yesterday that the Dallas-Fort Worth area has become the second market nationwide to receive a new presort service that helps customers better manage their mail.

Atlanta was the first market to test the new service, which is designed for small and midsize mailers that do not typically qualify for postal discounts on First-Class mail.

Through the UPS presort service, customers who sign up for the service meter their mail at a reduced rate and place the First-Class letters into a specially provided yellow UPS bag. The UPS driver who stops at the business every afternoon picks up this package along with the other UPS packages. UPS then consolidates mail from a number of customers and gives it to a presort company, which sorts the mail and delivers it to the U.S. Postal Service. The typical presort house will only serve customers with more than 2,000 pieces.

According to UPS, the service is attractive to many small- to midsize mailers who typically don't qualify for postal discounts on First-Class letters since they don't generate enough daily volume.

The presort service is part of a package of mail solutions announced by UPS in April. The service is offered through a new UPS business unit with a portfolio that also includes services for flats and hybrid mail, which is a blend of both electronic and physical mail.

The UPS mail services are for First-Class and Standard Mail generated in the United States and do not include final mail delivery, which is provided by the USPS.

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