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UPS announces automated interception service

UPS has launched UPS Delivery Intercept, an automated service that enables shippers to intercept and reroute packages before they’re delivered.

Atlanta-based UPS said the service is the industry’s only Web-enabled package interception service.

A shipper uses a UPS package application such as UPS WorldShip, UPS CampusShip or UPS Internet Shipping, clicks on the 1Z tracking number and requests a reroute. Interception requests also can be made through a shipper’s myups.com account as well as via UPS Signature Tracking.

Shippers can access the service at any time to request UPS to intercept packages being shipped from and to anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico. Customers who use Quantum View Notify can receive notification of the requested and successful interceptions. They can also view the intercept status when they track the package on any UPS visibility system.

UPS Delivery Intercept is powered by UPS’s package flow technology, which enables UPS not only to map more efficient routes for drivers but also to flag packages for special handling while they are in the UPS network. Interceptions can be executed after a package is already on board a delivery vehicle.

Shippers have a number of options once UPS intercepts a package, including return the package to the shipper redirect the package to a new address; hold the package for delivery on a future date; or hold the package for pickup by the consignee.

UPS Delivery Intercept is available for all small package deliveries, excluding packages using UPS SonicAir service. UPS Delivery Intercept costs $10 per interception and is charged only on completion of the intercept.

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