Upon Launch Facebook’s Lifestage App, We Check On Its Mobile Strategy

Facebook released a Lifestage, a new standalone iOS app, designed for users 21 years old and under. The app will allow users to create profiles using video clips with a variety of faces, likes, dislikes and filters.

It is the latest salvo in its battle with Snapchat, the social app of choice for the next generation of mobile users.

Currently, 58.6 million US consumers use Snapchat monthly, according to eMarketer, representing 28.3 percent of US smartphone users and 18.1 percent of the US population. These usage statistic makes Snapchat the second most used mobile app in the world.

Lifestage is also a continuation of Facebook’s disintermediated strategy of building (or acquiring) a stable of apps to compete on their own, versus trying to load everything up on the original Facebook app. Here’s the latest on that strategy.

Facebook App

The app version representing an approximation of Facebook.com

Launched: 2013

Monthly Active Users: 1.5 billion (Source: Facebook)

Latest News: There are roughly 2 billion smartphones in use in the world today and out of that a staggering 85 percent of them use the Facebook app. The app, in the second quarter of 2016, is the most downloaded app with 166.1 million, according to a Sensor Tower’s report

Facebook’s stand-alone messenging app (it’s combined with Facebook.com on the desktop)

Founded/Acquired: 2011

Monthly Active Users: 1 billion (Source: Facebook)

Latest News: The newest feature to the messaging app allows users to connect with each other on the app, whether they are friends in Facebook proper or not. Sensor Tower’s report on the most downloaded apps in the second quarter of 2016 shows the Facebook Messenger finished second, only to the Facebook app, with 145.2 million.


Facebook-owned Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service.

Founded/Acquired: 2010

Monthly Active Users: 500 million (Source: Instagram)

Latest News: Facebook-owned Instagram launched a similar campaign recently with their “Stories” feature, which was identical to Snapchat’s “Stories.” The app was downloaded by 85.8 million people in the second quarter of 2016, according to Sensor Tower.


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app

Launched/Acquired: 2009/2014

Monthly Active Users: 1 billion (Source: Facebook)

Latest News: Rumors continue to swirl about WhatsApp potential for iPhone users to exchange messages and make voice calls with Siri voice commands. In the second quarter of 2016, WhatsApp was downloaded 141.5 million times, according to Sensor Tower.


The app allows users to change human appearance during video-chats in real time

Launched/Acquired: 2015/2016

Monthly Active Users: Uknown

Latest News: Facebook recently tested MSQRD selfie filters, as well as, opening the camera on top of the newsfeed.


The Facebook Pages app allows people market their brands and businesses through a focused, organized feature

Launched: 2007

Monthly Active Users: 50 million businesses use the app

Latest News: Amazon revolutionized the platform in August of this year by releasing pilots of particular shows on their page app.


The app gives users the opportunity to create a dedicated space for people and their groups.

Launched: 2010

Monthly Active Users: Unknown

Latest News: The most recent usage of Facebook Groups has been to create hundreds of Pokémon Go Facebook Groups.

Facebook at Work

A connected workplace is a more productive workplace

Launched: 2015

Monthly Active Users: Unknown

Latest News: Earlier in the year, Facebook at Work launched in India to help companies collaborate and organize their strategies and product marketing.

Facebook Mentions

Designed actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers to discover and join conversations on Facebook

Launched: 2014

Monthly Active Users: Unknown

Latest News: The app, in January of this year, was made available to Android users.

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