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Updated Twitter App Now Lets You Send Pictures Via Direct Message

Looks like a picture says more than 140-characters.

Twitter announced an update to its mobile app yesterday that will enable users to send photos via direct messaging or DM. The feature will also be available to users accessing the platform from PCs.

By design, Twitter encourages mostly public interactions, but it has recently been making plenty of changes to its one private component, the DM.

A few months ago, it announced an update where users could direct message anyone they were following, which wasn’t previously enabled. The move was designed to create more communication and engagement on Twitter, and the platform is now taking that even further by adding the photo-messaging capability.

It’s also a way for Twitter to compete with ephemeral photo-sharing service Snapchat, as well as messaging service Whatsapp. After all, why should Snapchat be the only platform for the sexting public?

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