Update: Jupiter Media Metrix Wins 1 Patent Fight, Begins 2 More

Jim Hatch, president of NetValue, New York, dismissed the patent infringement claims of Jupiter Media Metrix this week as “completely without merit.”

Jupiter Media Metrix last week filed lawsuits against NetRatings Inc. and NetValue USA, Inc. in the U.S. District Court in Delaware, alleging that both companies violated its patent for computer tracking.

Hatch said the acquisition of access to PC Data’s former clients and panelists is an unrelated issue, adding that NetValue did not take over PC Data’s technology and the company did not go out of business because of the lawsuit.

“Not only is our technology process fundamentally different than theirs, but we also doubt the validity of their patent,” Hatch said, describing the lawsuit as a badly conceived competitive maneuver. “Our aggressive growth here plus our acquisition activities have obviously triggered a very spurious attempt to hurt us in the market.”

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