UPDATE: BMW Unveils New Lifestyle Catalog

BMW has rolled out this year's edition of the BMW Lifestyle catalog that offers potential car buyers a new line of casual clothing and accessories.

The 84-page catalog is designed to drive customers to BMW showrooms or its Web site, said Denise Ritta, executive vice president of Ritta & Associates, Englewood, NJ, which is BMW's marketing agency.

Approximately 75,000 catalogs were distributed and mailed last month via retail distribution at showrooms. Subscribers to BMW magazine and its Web site visitors received the catalog in the mail. There are more than 150 products in the catalog with prices ranging from $8 for a tie tac to $3,995 for a bicycle.

“More people are stepping out of their suits [and] into casual comfort,” said Angeli Gianchandani, BMW's Lifestyle marketing manager. An assortment of merino sweaters, travel bags and golf gear — all including the BMW name or logo — fill the catalog.

BMW Lifestyle's target audience is primarily BMW owners, those who aspire to own the luxury vehicle and those giving gifts to people in either group.

The company would not reveal specific information regarding demographics. But there is an emphasis on first-time buyers of the car as well as 3 Series buyers and “certified pre-owned BMW” buyers, Ritta said.

Using pricier and thicker paper stock for its presentation created the catalog's upscale look and feel. Ritta said all BMW marketing materials use the quality paper stock. For BMW Lifestyle, it showcases the quality of items featured in the catalog.

Photographs display activities that can be associated with the BMW lifestyle, including people playing golf, spending a day at the beach or with children. The catalog is divided into seven sections: Lifestyle, Relaxed, Active, Driven, Fun, Powerful and Inspire.

“We grouped the section to what those items lent themselves to,” Ritta said. “For example, in Active you'll find such items as polo shirts, golf balls or jackets — things that signify an active lifestyle.”

BMW would not release the cost to produce the catalog nor its conversion rate.

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