Unruly Opens a ‘Future Video Lab’

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, video is the fastest-growing single segment in Internet advertising. The consulting company’s global media outlook for 2015-2019 foresees a 20% compound annual growth rate for video that will essentially double its revenues to $15.4 billion over the next four years. But while no one disputes video’s popularity, much discussion ensues over how marketers can achieve the greatest reach for spending on videos that are often viewed for only a few seconds.

Video ad tech company Unruly, whose video gospel for marketers revolves around “shareability,” took the occasion of Advertising Week to unveil its “Future Video Lab” in New York. President of Unruly U.S. Richard Kosinski says the lab is part of a strategy to help clients avoid what he calls a video “adpocalypse” wrought by sub-par content.

“Internet users will abandon advertising if brands abuse their relationship with them. We launched the Future Video Lab to help users reconnect with their audiences and restore this trust,” Kosinski says.

Last week, Unruly VP Marketing Devra Prywes gave Direct Marketing News a preview of the lab treatment the company will apply to agencies and brands. The multi-screen, interactive computer lab uses input from participants about their brand propositions and media habits to help guide them to a video strategy that promotes viewership and sharing above all else.

Enlisting consumer panels to watch clients’ efforts, Unruly tracks a range of emotions viewers feel while over the run of a video, indicating exact moments when they feel emotions like surprise, sadness, or joy. The idea, says Prywes, is to help brands weave together video stories that keep viewers watching and want to share. A recent survey conducted by Unruly found that 90% would consider using ad-blocking software to avoid watching sponsored video altogether.

Unruly has partnered with the University of South Australia’s Centre for Digital Video Intelligence to help translate the intelligence it gathers in the lab into maximum return on spend.

Rupert Murdoch’s News. Corp. announced two weeks ago that it would be acquiring London-based Unruly, which fields 15 offices worldwide.

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