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Unlock online display with email retargeting practices

Email, a pillar of most marketing programs, is taking on a new role: a bridge that connects the inbox to online display media. Email unlocks new opportunities in online display and maintains the strategic goal of providing highly personalized communications to targeted audiences. Retargeting is an emerging practice that first uses email to gauge consumer interest, then, based on responsiveness, reengages consumers via online display.

Email retargeting helps strengthen relationships with core customers by reinforcing brand messaging. We know that standard emails can drive conversions. The combination of email and display ads can drive a lift in conversion when compared to each channel individually. According to recent comScore reports, retargeting led to a 1,046% lift in branded search within four weeks of ad exposure.

To incorporate email retargeting into a broader marketing strategy, consider these best practices.

  • Gather information. Maximize the number of emails you have on file. If you only have a postal address, append email addresses to expand the profile and communicate with customers across multiple channels where they are engaged.
  • Target effectively. Be strategic about your email segmentation and your intended audience to get the most from the inbox and display opportunities.
  • Be consistent. Make sure the email headline is carried through the display campaign and that channels reinforce one another. Features such as offers, creative, messaging and the call-to-action should be consistent.
  • Build your universe. Use email to build a cookie pool over time to give you a scalable universe of core customers to engage across channels.
  • Plan strategically. Create a cohesive website and email-retargeting strategy and avoid overlap. Web and email are meant to be leveraged in parallel, but the channels have specific requirements and implications.
  • Consider frequency. Run optimal frequency analysis to identify the appropriate amount of display ads and adjust your campaign as necessary. Consumers may become annoyed if bombarded with remarketing display ads.

Marketers look to email to maintain ongoing engagement with key audiences to drive desired behaviors such as purchase, loyalty and recommendations. With retargeting, marketers and agencies can unlock online display opportunities and use email to pave the way to multichannel engagement.

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