Univision offers new online ad platform

Spanish-language media company Univision has launched a new advertising platform for its digital division, Univision Interactive Media Inc. The platform is powered by AdReady for Publishers.

Univision Interactive Self-Service is a self-service display advertising platform that allows marketers to plan and create online campaigns, which will run on Univision.com and its partner Web sites. The goal is to provide smaller, local advertisers — a fast-growing online segment — more opportunities to reach Univision’s in-demand audience. Univision.com visitors are Internet-savvy US Hispanics, mostly between the ages of 18-34.

“There were two main reasons why we launched Univision Interactive Self-Service,” said Charlie Echeverry, SVP of interactive media sales for Univision. “First, it allows us to move into and enter a media sector that is seeing tremendous growth, and that is anything local that has to do with interactive. It also allows us to concrete our position as the single most important player in Hispanic media; we’re a one-stop-shop in any platform.”

The AdReady platform offers 800+ customizable banner templates, which marketers can edit to fit their needs; a media-planning tool that allows local marketers to geo-target their messages; and reporting tools that track campaign performance on a daily basis.

Univision Interactive has traditionally offered display advertising among its other ad opportunities, but has not worked closely with small to medium businesses before.

“This is a very fast growing segment of the online advertising population, and our desire across the board is to bring the power of Hispanic advertising to every potential advertiser in the country, regardless of how big or small,” Echeverry said. He added that Univision’s audience is particularly attractive to advertisers because, “there is loyalty affinity there.”

He noted that eight out of 10 of Univision’s online users haven’t visited its closest Spanish-language competition in the last 30 days. On average, users spend 13 minutes on each session, which is 3 times longer than Univision’s broadcast media Web site competition, and they are generally more receptive to Internet or advertising than the general online marketplace.

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