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United Airlines rolls out personalized in-flight ads

"Personalized In-flight Ads"
“Personalized In-flight Ads”

United Airlines has launched a pioneering advertising campaign dubbed “Kinective Media by United Airlines“, designed to deliver personalized digital ads through in-flight screens, mobile apps, websites, airport screens and even passengers’ homes. This strategy uses technology to create unique customer experiences, aiming to transform a simple journey into a fully immersive media experience.

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From the moment a passenger books a ticket, right through to their journey, every advertisement they see is designed to be of interest to them, promoting a deeper connection with the airline brand. Even the content on in-flight screens, such as custom playlists, is determined by the passenger’s viewing habits.

The purpose of this dynamic digital display extends beyond the flight and airport premises, with ads targeted at home screens too. This endeavour reflects the airline’s commitment to engaging with customers across all possible touchpoints with the aim of redefining in-flight entertainment and digital advertising to heighten customer satisfaction and fidelity to the brand.

United Airlines aims to leverage its large customer base of over 108 million unique passengers, presenting an opportunity for brands to reach U.S. travelers. The program will utilize data from MileagePlus, a leading global airline loyalty scheme, to collect and apply consumer data for targeted marketing campaigns that will appeal to specific customer segments. This will ensure a mutually beneficial scenario where brands get a wider outreach and customers receive deals that interest them.

This novel marketing approach sets a new standard among airlines. With an average attention span of 3.5 hours per passenger, based on regular flight durations, United Airlines is capitalizing on this captive audience to maximize its outreach effectiveness.

Personalized digital advertising approach by United Airlines

Personalized ads allow the airline to hold and retain the passenger’s attention throughout the flight, potentially revolutionizing customer interaction strategies in the airline industry.

Despite the innovative approach, United Airlines promises to uphold customers’ privacy. It ensures that identifiable information will not be disclosed to advertisers and passengers can opt out of these personalized ads. The exact details of these privacy measures, particularly for residents in states with strict privacy laws, is yet to be defined in detail. However, it prioritizes passenger confidentiality and promises not to share any individual’s identifiable information with advertisers.

There has been critical discourse on the ethicality of the strategy, with critics viewing it as invasive. Some argue that if passengers are contributing to the airline’s success, they deserve some form of compensation. Supporters of the strategy see it as a progressive way of delivering personalized services to customers. Only the passage of time and the passengers’ reaction to this advertising shift will determine the ultimate impact of this strategy on their flight experiences with United Airlines.

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