Union Metrics releases Analytics for Instagram

Social analytics platform Union Metrics followed up on its well-regarded Analytics for Tumblr product by launching an Analytics for Instagram platform today.

The product is the latest release from Union Metrics, which also makes Twitter analytics platform TweetReach Pro. It will now offer all three of its products in an integrated social analytics suite.

“Instagram is tremendously valuable for brands, and we’ve built world-class analytics to serve their most critical needs with Union Metrics for Instagram,” says Hayes Davis, CEO of Union Metrics. “Additionally, the Union Metrics Social Suite combines our deep social analytics for Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram to help enterprises measure sophisticated multi-channel social campaigns.”

Given how new Instagram’s advertising products are, Union Metrics is offering an analytics platform just at the right time for companies looking for more in-depth analytics than what Instagram is currently offering. It came in at a similar time for Tumblr last year, becoming the first platform to offer enterprise level analytics for the site’s Sponsored Posts. With an integrated Social Suite, the theory is that brands will evaluate the performance of content and hashtags on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, with the goal of a unified strategy across all three platforms.

With Instagram Analytics, marketers will be able to:

– Monitor trending hashtags and accounts

– Monitor the performance of competitor accounts

– Evaluate the engagement stats of posts

– Identify brand advocates and influencers.

Subscription plans for Instagram Analytics start at $199 a month, and the starting price for the entire Social Suite is $500 a month. 

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