Unified: Best Places to Work Honorable Mention (Mid-Sized Companies)

Close competition for the second spot in this category, so we’re handing out two honorable mentions. One goes to Unified, the New York-based company which summarizes its proffer very simply: “Data, together.”

A business intelligence platform focused on social advertising, Unified seeks to solve for data fragmentation, across channels, teams, and internal silos. Its data enrichment solution pulls all relevant data, puts it into context, and makes it actionable for improved social advertising results. It also offers an intelligence suite which generates analytics and benchmarks around brand (and competitor) campaigns, and an investment management tool to support efficient campaign spending.

For its employees, it scores very high as a collaborative and transparent work environment, as well as for the way it structures its employees’ work lives (structure included factors like flexible hours and telecommuting). An immediate sense of the atmosphere comes from comments like: “People working towards common goals;” “Friends working on big things;” and “Man, I love my team.” 

More specifically, one employee spoke of a “great work-life balance, great benefits, great flexibility, great transparency, (and) great executive level access,” while another emphasized the attractions for new employees: 

“Unified is a great company for people just starting out in their careers. It fosters collaboration, cross-team learning, and has lots of classic startup perks that make it an attractive place to work (unlimited PTO, flex hours, snacks, open floor plan).”

With around 150 U.S. employees, Unified is towards the lower end of the mid-sized category, but at its current scale it still deserves credit for so many workers feeling like “Family.”

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