Unica to Help Merck-Medco Manage Member Communications

Merck-Medco will implement Unica's Affinium software, allowing the prescription-drug provider to reduce the time it takes to develop and implement member- and patient-specific communications, Unica said yesterday.

Unica, Lincoln, MA, a provider of analytical customer relationship management and marketing automation solutions, said Affinium will allow Merck-Medco to manage members' healthcare more effectively by delivering timely information that meets the individual needs of the 65 million people it serves. Merck-Medco said it chose Affinium because of its functionality, integrated analytics, speed of deployment and ease of use.

Another factor in selecting Affinium was its universal dynamic interconnect feature, which allows a user to map any data source, including flat files. Affinium will allow Merck-Medco to manage an installed database of up to 100 million records.

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