Unica releases e-mail for iPad optimization platform

Unica released its Pivotal Veracity eDesign Optimizer technology, which allows marketers to conduct e-mail rendering for the iPad, on June 9. The National Association of Realtors is using the platform.

“Our members are reliant on mobile devices for their business success,” said Kristin Paxton, manager of e-newsletters at the National Association of Realtors. “With the release of iPad rendering, we can see which of our e-mail designs need to be tweaked for optimal rendering in iPad, and which do not. We can scroll through the iPad screen, within Pivotal Veracity, and see exactly what the subscriber is seeing.”

The company’s technology previously allowed clients to test how e-mails render across other platforms.

Unica’s MailboxIQ technology will gather data on what devices consumers are using to check e-mail, including software platforms, web-based e-mail or mobile devices. It then delivers the message in the most appropriate format given the type of device most likely to be used at the time, said Michelle Eichner, VP of product management at Unica.

“One benefit of the iPad is its size compared to the iPhone or other mobile devices,” she said. “If you have a bigger canvas, there is more space above the fold to more prominently display branding and call to action in the e-mail.”

Eichner is a founding partner of Pivotal Veracity, which Unica acquired for $18 million in January.

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