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*Unica Corp. Launches Context Server

ORLANDO, FL — Unica Corp., Lincoln, MA, a customer relationship management vendor, today introduced a platform for serving analytically based, context-sensitive customer information to real-time marketing channels at the 26th National Center for Database Marketing Conference and Exhibition here.

The platform — Affinium Interact — takes advantage of customer information gathered from multiple data sources to create a complete and predictive view of customer behavior and to deliver personalized, real-time recommendations for interacting with individuals via channels such as the Web, contact centers or wireless devices.

Affinium Interact creates and takes advantage of four key types of information to provide the right level of personalization to drive dialogue with a customer:

• Historical information, such as the service level, transactions and RFM of past purchases.

• Predictive analysis that defines the potential value and cross-sell/upsell affinities for a particular customer.

• Context of the current customer interaction, for example, current Web page or interest expressed by the customer, items in shopping cart or time online.

• Predefined business rules and objectives that outline the treatment or service levels that should be offered or that indicate the specific content to be shown on the Web site.

Affinium Interact combines this information to develop personalization profiles that can trigger specific content, offers, treatment or events — ranging from instant offer buttons on a Web site to cross-sell opportunities at a call center. The product can handle up to 1,000 requests per second per server, personalizing interactions for about 4 million visitors per server per day. Multiple servers can be deployed for increased capacity.

According to Unica, Affinium Interact increases a company's ability to maximize the value of interactions with both known and anonymous visitors.

“Companies wanting to optimize customer interactions across multiple touch points are limited by their technology solutions,” said Yuchun Lee, co-founder/CEO of Unica. “Most solutions focus on only one channel, like the Web, and lack the analytical depth needed for effective personalization. Additionally, many require significant IT support and custom coding, diminishing a company's ability to rapidly update personalization strategies in response to changes in business conditions or results. Affinium Interact addresses these limitations.”

Affinium Interact is set for beta testing with several customers.

“Affinium Interact allows companies to share customer insight and synchronize data across all real-time channels,” said Carl Touchie, director of decision support services at Bank of Montreal, a current beta tester. “This enables your customer touch points to present consistent personalization and unique offers for each customer interaction.”

The product also is supported by key integration partners, such as Braun Consulting, Chicago, an Internet professional services firm.

Affinium Interact will be commercially available in February.

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