Unica Adds Privacy Features to Marketing Products

Unica Corp. is expected to announce today at the Personalization Summit in New York City that it has added privacy features to its Affinium suite of marketing products.

“Privacy is a key business issue that has the potential to limit e-commerce,” said Carol Meyers, vice president of marketing at Unica Corp., Lincoln, MA. “We decided that because privacy is really germane to the success of personalization and one-to-one marketing, we really needed to ensure the ability to implement privacy policies as a vendor of solutions.”

The Affinium product suite is made up of five components to aid marketers in their direct mail and e-mail campaigns, according to Meyers. The components are:

• Affinium Model, which is data mining and predictive modeling software.

• Affinium Campaign, which manages direct marketing campaigns over multiple channels.

• Affinium eMessage, which helps marketers create, execute and track e-mail campaigns.

• Affinium Interact, which aids personalization across channels.

• Affinium Report, which handles reporting and results for marketing efforts.

The privacy features added to Affinium include unified profile integration across channels, real-time opt-out processing, the ability to link credit information to anonymous IDs, the ability to hide personally identifiable information for unauthorized employees, automation of notice to customers and the ability to let customers view their profiles.

Meyers said these features allow marketers to adopt the privacy best practices with regard to choice, security, notice and access.

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