Unica acquires MarketingCentral

Enterprise marketing management solutions provider Unica Corp. is poised to acquire MarketingCentral, LLC, a privately held provider of on-demand marketing resource management solutions, for approximately $12.5 million in cash and transaction-related costs.

Waltham, MA-based Unica said the acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to be completed later this month.

Unica’s marketing resource management (MRM) tools work on databases and are designed to help agencies and work groups within large companies. It is also aimed at helping small and medium businesses increase their marketing productivity while reducing costs and increasing control.

“MarketingCentral was founded in 1998 and is a leading provider of MRM solutions, which is an important segment within [enterprise marketing management],” said Yuchun Lee, Unica co-founder and CEO, in a teleconference earlier this week. “Unica’s proposed acquisition of MarketingCentral will expand our addressable market and increase the breadth of our MRM solutions while further strengthening Unica as a leading on-demand MRM provider.”

Lee added that MarketingCentral offers on-demand solution servicing to more than 250 customers with thousands of users.

“MarketingCentral’s solution enables Unica to meet the needs of organizations now looking to get started with MRM quickly, while there are limited resources or IT support,” he said. “We see a need for such a capacity.”

The acquisition will enable Unica to offer MRM solutions to small and medium-size companies, Lee said.

Lee added that Affinium Plan, Unica’s existing MRM solution, provides enterprises with the capabilities they need to meet complex marketing operations challenges.

“The addition of MarketingCentral will give us a proven solution for agencies, work groups within large companies and small and medium businesses,” he said. “MarketingCentral addresses the needs of these customers by offering the easiest-to-use, fastest-to-deploy, on-demand MRM platform available on the market today.”

Additionally, Lee added, integrating MarketingCentral with Unica’s Affinium Plan will enable the company to offer a best of both worlds solution – an enterprise-class MRM system connected to a secure, on-demand collaboration space for working with dispersed project teams and outside partners.

“Enabling better collaboration between dispersed groups is often the most pressing need our customers face,” continued Lee. “For fast-moving marketing teams, it’s truly remarkable how quickly the MarketingCentral solution can get them managing their work more effectively. The on-demand approach lets marketers get started immediately without straining internal IT resources or building a business case for a broader, enterprise-wide MRM implementation.”

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