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UN Secretary-General urges end to fossil fuel support

"Fossil Fuel End"
“Fossil Fuel End”

On World Environment Day, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres made a powerful appeal for discontinuing support for the fossil fuel sector. He stressed the need for a swift shift to renewable energy in light of the urgent demands of climate change and the safeguarding of our planet’s future.

Guterres highlighted the detrimental impact of ad agencies and PR firms endorsing fossil fuels. He argued that their backing was primarily responsible for spreading misinformation, manipulating public understanding of environmental concerns, and exacerbating the global warming crisis by indirectly encouraging harmful practices.

He drew comparisons between the propaganda tactics of fossil fuel corporations and those of the tobacco industry, emphasizing how harmful products receive increased scrutiny. In a change of narrative, Guterres suggested fossil fuels are emerging as a significant threat akin to the recognized risks of smoking.

Exposure of attempts by sections of the fossil fuel industry to cast doubt on climate change science has unearthed strategic efforts to undermine scientific consensus.

UN Chief advocates for renewable energy transition

These strategies closely resemble those historically employed by the tobacco and asbestos industries to minimize the harmful effects of their products.

Clean Creatives, an active advocacy group, is pressuring the advertising industry to cease alliances with companies that exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions. They call for advertisers to prioritize relationships with businesses adopting more environmentally conscious approaches.

Big names in business, such as Allison Worldwide, show their commitment to responsible business practices by endorsing Clean Creatives’ pledge to refrain from partnering with coal, gas, and oil companies. Such actions make it evident that environmental considerations are no longer simply an optional extra for businesses. Rather, they’ve become essential, emphasizing a compelling statement: promoting sustainability is not just optional; it’s a necessity.

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