UK Postal Workers Will Not Strike Christmas Week

The deputy General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union said yesterday that there would be no disruption to London's postal service over the Christmas period.

The London divisional committee of the Communication Workers Union, which represents Royal Mail postal workers in Great Britain, reportedly called for 24-hour strikes in London on Dec. 19 and 22 to protest what it said was a lack of progress in contract negotiations.

“The capital's postmen and postwomen know that the public rely on us throughout the year, but especially at Christmas,” said Dave Ward. “We're not going to let them down.”

Ward said that much of the news of a strike during Christmas was speculation. But he also that it was vital to come to an agreement that would properly reward the capital's postal workers for the additional costs of living in London.

A series of unofficial 24-hour strikes were staged in London in October, crippling mail deliveries and costing Royal Mail millions of dollars. More than 25,000 postal workers participated in each strike.

The union seeks allowances of $6,600 (U.S.) a year to accommodate higher London living costs. Royal Mail has offered $6,244. A deadline of Dec. 10 had been set for agreement, although the talks could continue until later in the week.

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