UK DMA Revises Code of Practice

The Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd. introduced a revised, expanded Code of Practice covering DM practices across all media in the United Kingdom.

“The last edition of the code was produced in 1997, and since then we have introduced several other codes to keep up with technological and legislative developments,” said Caroline Roberts, DMA (UK) director of legal and public affairs. “This new edition of the code brings them all together and is the most up-to-date source of information on any legislative and best-practice advice for all direct marketing activity.”

Important legislation since the last edition includes the Data Protection Act and the Distance Selling Regulations.

Compliance with the code is mandatory for all DMA members as a condition of membership. Non-members are encouraged to comply with the code, and member companies acting as an agency or supplier for a non-member's direct marketing activity must advise the non-member to act within the code.

The revised code was launched in London at the first of a series of DMA educational road shows. The association also seeks to raise awareness among consumers about the protection it gives when they respond to direct marketing offers from member companies.

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