Twitter now allows marketers to target conversations about Hispanic TV

For the first time, Twitter is giving its advertisers targeting capabilities for a specific ethnic group.

After introducing TV targeting in last year, Twitter is now launching a subset of that offering purely for viewers of Hispanic television shows. The way TV targeting works is by allowing marketers to deliver a one-two punch of advertising through television and social media. After viewers of a TV show watch an advertisement during the commercial break, that brand can follow up with a targeted tweet at that viewer if they are having a Twitter conversation about the show they are watching. 

Twitter says it is announcing this product specifically for Hispanic TV viewers due to the high social media engagement of that group. From Twitter’s advertising blog:

A considerable majority, 73%, of Hispanics say they like reading what others are saying on Twitter about the TV shows they’re watching. 63% percent said they like to tweet their comments about what they see on TV, and more than half — 58% — tweet to vote or enter contests while watching programs.”

In addition, Twitter says its research shows that Hispanics who interact with brands on Twitter are more likely to make a purchase following up on ad they’ve seen during their favorite show.

Of those who follow brands, 60% have purchased something based on what they saw on Twitter. 73% of those who have retweeted a brand have made a purchase based on what they saw, and 66% of those who have tweeted at a brand, have made a purchase based on what they saw.

It’s an interesting case, with Twitter being one of the first social media networks to publish its research findings on how a particular ethnic group uses it. In a way, its sort of the anti-Facebook, since its hard to imagine Zuckerberg and co. admitting that the platform is used any differently across different ethnicities.

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