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Twitter finally releases financials ahead of IPO, reveals unprofitability

Twitter finally made its S-1 filings public, ahead of its planned IPO. The filing revealed plenty of insights into the company and its slated public offering, set at $1 billion.

The company announced the release with the following tweet:  

Here is the S-1 filing in its entirety (all 200 pages of it,) if you’d like to peruse through it. Or you can check out the highlights below:

– Twitter’s symbol on the stock exchange will be TWTR

– The company is currently unprofitable. Revenue for 2012 was $316.9 million, with a loss of $79.4 million. For the first half of 2013, revenue was $253.6 million, with a loss of $69.3 million. However, it is steadily increasing its money-making abilities, with revenue increasing almost 200% from 2011 to 2012, and it expects to double its total revenue this year over last.

– Much of that increasing revenue comes from Twitter’s big push towards more products for advertisers. As it noted in its filing: 

“We believe we can increase the value of our platform for our advertisers by enhancing our advertising services and making our platform more accessible.

Targeting – We plan to continue to improve the targeting capabilities of our advertising services.

Opening our Platform to Additional Advertisers – We believe that advertisers outside of the United States represent a substantial opportunity and we plan to invest to increase our advertising revenue from international advertisers, including by launching our self-serve advertising platform in selected international markets.

New Advertising Formats – We intend to develop new and unique ad formats for our advertisers. For example, we recently introduced our lead generation and application download Twitter Cards and Twitter Amplify, which allows advertisers to embed ads into real-time video content.”

– Twitter says is currently has over 215 million monthly active users, sending out over 500 million tweets daily. 

– The platform is all about mobile, but you already knew that. Here’s what they said about the numbers:

In the three months ended June 30, 2013, 75% of our average MAUs accessed Twitter from a mobile device, including mobile phones and tablets, and over 65% of our advertising revenue was generated from mobile devices.”

Now Twitter will spend the next 21 days embarking on a ‘road show” for investors, which means you can expect to see the IPO sometime in November, unless the company delays it due to market setbacks, (for e.g. a US government that remains in shutdown.)



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