Twitter adds mobile number targeting and look-alike campaign tools for its ads

Twitter added some useful new features to its self-serving ad platform today. Here are the new updates:

Audience lists: Ad buyers can now create and curate audience lists, which will allow users to view details of all of the audiences in one place, change or delete them and get notifications on the status of those specific audiences.

In order to build out that list, Twitter is also introducing mobile number targeting, which means advertisers can build an audience based on their mobile numbers or email addresses. Writing in a company blog post, Twitter product manager Kelton Lynn explained additional targeting capabilities through app IDs:

We also support Apple iOS and Google Android mobile advertising IDs so you can create audiences of users with your apps installed or who take certain actions like viewing a product or achieving a level in your apps.

Here is what the new targeting options look like:

Look-alike targeting: 

This allows advertisers to target Twitter users whose profiles and behaviors most resemble their best customers or followers on the platform. Lynn writes:

[This] is particularly useful for mobile app promotion campaigns to reach users similar to those who have already installed your app. To enable you to drive more efficient user acquisition, we’ve added the ability to exclude tailored audiences based on website visitors from campaigns using interest, keyword, TV and other tailored audiences.

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